Why Bank on Your First Year in College



A student’s first year in college is the most important phase of his or her college life. It plays a critical role when it comes to whether the student will continue their course or change to something else. During their first year in college, questions might occur that changes their perception about the course they are about to take.

Is this the area I want to pursue?

Although the first year of college deals about the course in general, it is also a way of giving the students an overview of what to expect as they continue their journey with it. The students might change decision based on such overviews.

What is in for me?

Students can answer this question as early as during their first year. Their course can either be identified as one of the hottest course in the market today or a course that will leave them looking for job in the future. They would know whether it is an in-demand course and continue with it or will just take it because they really want it without a promising future.

Is it something that I want to do for the next four or five years?

This is one of the questions I asked myself after finishing half of my first year in college. The first year of college would literally determine what you are going to do for the next years until you finish your course so are you ready to do it?

I would say my decision to stay with my course was based on my experience in first year as much with the people I am with. This mirrors the importance of my first year in college.

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