Postgraduate or Work? What to do After Getting Your Diploma



The urge to work and earn your own money might be strong after receiving your college diploma. It was for me. But is it worth working as early as you can when you can still pursue a postgraduate course?

The benefits of working immediately

If you will work immediately, the sense of joy and pride has no price. You no longer have to ask your parents for money and you might even have the chance to give back something every pay day. You get to apply what you have learned from college and be independent and professional.

The benefits of getting a postgraduate diploma

Having a postgraduate diploma at hand means better chance of getting a higher paying job like a managerial position or supervisory position. Being a postgraduate also means wider options when it comes to work because you can teach if you want to.

The best course of action

Getting a job though doesn’t mean you cannot continue a postgraduate course. It requires more time and effort but in the end it is worth it. Graduating with a postgraduate diploma at hand might give you edge against other applicants in a job yet there are companies that might consider experience as well which you might not have at the moment since you are fresh from school. If I were you keep things simple, get a job, get a life and slowly get your postgraduate course even if it takes 10 or 15 years. By then, you have the experience needed to get your dream job that requires both diploma and experience.

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