Challenges and Issues of Coming Back to College


Back to College

I am a third year college student and I am taking a course in Finance. I stopped studying because I got pregnant and it took me two years to get back to my feet and continue my college education. Upon returning, the experience I had for returning is nothing but good.

Meeting new faces

Since I stopped for two years, when I returned I am to blend with new students, new and younger ones. The good thing about it is that they are all nice and respectful and they even let me borrow their notes from time to time.

Getting to see old friends

Seeing my old classmates and old friends is also cool. They let me borrow their journals from their previous classes (for additional review materials) and they are always there to give me advice about certain subjects that I am having difficulty with.

It makes me feel better

Since I am out of school for a while, I feel like a bum. Then the reason I stopped also made me feel bad because it disappointed my parents. Being back to school helped me look at my experience as a challenge that I have to go through and my parents in general are more supportive now with my studies.

I used to feel bad about coming back to school because of fear. I always think that people will shun me because of what happened to me. I am just glad it was the opposite and now I am about to finish my course in two more years.

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