5 Tools Every Student Should Be Using For Essay Writing


Essays have always haunted students everywhere. Unfortunately, whether you want to get through university or build an academic career, you’ll need to write them well enough to not only prove to the ones who evaluate it that you have done the research needed and you understand its subject, but also that you know how to put an essay together. Writing and essay requires an organized mind. And while there are people who have a natural talent for this, there are some who need a bit of help.

Technology comes to the aid of all those in need, including essay writing students. Here are some of the best apps and sites for those who want to write the perfect paper:

  1. Evernote: A student’s life is never simple or relaxed; It’s fast and bumpy and hard to organize. Evernote is an app for Android, IOS and windows which allows you to synchronize text, photos, and audio notes between all your devices and store them in the cloud, thus giving you access to all your work, regardless of where you are and what kind of terminal you’re using;
  2. Dragon Naturally Speaking: It is another invaluable tool for those who are tired of actually writing their essays. This software features probably the best speech recognition on the market and, when bought (it does feature a free version, though without paying for it you won’t have access to some of its most useful tools), it will allow you to dictate your papers, send email or perform web searches. It’s incredibly useful when you have a lot of work and need a digital helper;
  3. Google Docs: Microsoft Office has pretty much become the standard when it comes to word editing, spreadsheets and presentations. Unfortunately, it also a very expensive program, setting you back about $100 for the student version. There are alternatives on the market, of which some are paid and some are free. Google Docs is the best free alternative. It offers the same functionality, including the ability to save files in MS Office formats, and automatically stores your work in the Google Drive cloud.
  4. Write My Essays: It’s a reliable essay writing service where a student can order any type of academic paper. The service is a life saver for students who are in hurry. You send them instructions and they write your paper from scratch.
  5. SimpleMind: It is one of the best apps out there, when it comes to organizing ideas. The program is a graphic organizer which helps you create mind maps for brainstorming. SimpleMind allows you to add websites, videos, pictures and totes to your chards and synchronizes your work across multiple platforms (iOS, Windows, Android). There is a free version, but unfortunately it lacks most of the features that make this app so useful. The paid version might cost a few dollars, but it unlocks the full potential of the app.

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